Back tension? Part 2 -Bathing

Epsom Salt Bath

When I see my clients for the first time, I suggest they do this at home even before I start my massage session.  I tell them to take a bath weekly.  I know that most of us don’t take a bath.  That’s for kids, right?  Then they graduate from taking a bath around 2 and […]

Back tension? part 1- where to start

So if your back is tight, what can you do to loosen up?  Before I give you the answer, I want to explain what’s going on with your back. The spine is designed to move – bending forward, backward, side bending and twisting. But most of us don’t move it so much.  Instead, our back […]

What is the most important thing for healing?

Love Yourself!

I think more people are health conscious now than when I was growing up. People in the 70s didn’t care too much about health. Smoking cigarettes was ubiquitous, and people could smoke wherever they wanted.  Air and water pollution was a big issue as the regulation wasn’t as strict as now. And yet, there weren’t […]

What is unique about Stony Point Massage?

Eastern Medicine as the foundation I’m from Japan, so massage means acupressure, and when I started to go to massage school, I was shocked to find out that we had to learn Swedish massage where clients undress, and therapists give massage with oil. I almost fainted and thought I would quit.  And I practiced qigong, […]

The Best Massage Tools

For muscle tension, massage tools work great. When I went through rotator cuff tear injury in 2015, I used a massage tool intensely. I started with a tennis ball, and it led to the creation of Therapillar. I had sleepless nights for a month when it was in the worst time, and the Therapillar helped […]

Open Chest Exercise for your Lungs & Heart

Different environments outside of our body make us sick – change of seasons, pollens, dryness, dampness, temperature, and stuff like viruses. We often try to deal with all the problems by changing the external environment – adjusting the temperature, disinfecting, etc. Or deal with the symptoms after you are officially sick by taking medicine.   According […]

No-sew Mask

Before I knew it, all the masks are gone from the stores, just like toilet papers and hand sanitizers. I should ask my mother in Japan to send a few because she has at least 50 masks! In case you don’t have any masks to wear to go to the store, there are many crafty […]

Self-massage for your back tension

While staying home due to the COVID-19 outbreak, you may start to feel back tension from stress, lack of social interaction & exercise, etc. So, today, I want to show how easy it is to apply self-massage for your back tension! I’ve been doing qigong exercise in the morning, and self-massage in the evening every […]

Plate Balancing Exercise

If you are feeling a lot of stiffness, but don’t want to go outside, here’s the simple exercise you can do for a few minutes. It can release all major joints in your body, and make better circulation. Also, it is very relaxing and meditative.   You can do this exercise without any object, but it […]