The Best Massage Tools

For muscle tension, massage tools work great. When I went through rotator cuff tear injury in 2015, I used a massage tool intensely. I started with a tennis ball, and it led to the creation of Therapillar. I had sleepless nights for a month when it was in the worst time, and the Therapillar helped […]

Open Chest Exercise for your Lungs & Heart

Different environments outside of our body make us sick – change of seasons, pollens, dryness, dampness, temperature, and stuff like viruses. We often try to deal with all the problems by changing the external environment – adjusting the temperature, disinfecting, etc. Or deal with the symptoms after you are officially sick by taking medicine.   According […]

No-sew Mask

Before I knew it, all the masks are gone from the stores, just like toilet papers and hand sanitizers. I should ask my mother in Japan to send a few because she has at least 50 masks! In case you don’t have any masks to wear to go to the store, there are many crafty […]

Self-massage for your back tension

While staying home due to the COVID-19 outbreak, you may start to feel back tension from stress, lack of social interaction & exercise, etc. So, today, I want to show how easy it is to apply self-massage for your back tension! I’ve been doing qigong exercise in the morning, and self-massage in the evening every […]

Plate Balancing Exercise

If you are feeling a lot of stiffness, but don’t want to go outside, here’s the simple exercise you can do for a few minutes. It can release all major joints in your body, and make better circulation. Also, it is very relaxing and meditative.   You can do this exercise without any object, but it […]

Qigong Exercise – 4th day

Torso, spine, and hip Exercise Today is the 4th day of Qigong Exercise and also the end of this series. Among all the exercises I shared, this session is the most important and most challenging. I’ll list why it’s important below. It’s most important because the torso has major internal organs. You can still live […]

Qigong Exercise – 3rd day

I finally published the 3rd video after the 2nd try because I deleted the first one by mistake! It’s not perfect but I’m learning something new every day, so be patient with me. Shoulders & Neck Exercise Move your shoulders up & down alternately 30 reps Stretch your arms up and move your arms up […]

Before you start your Qigong Exercise…

My Story I’ve been practicing Qigong for ten years.  Before I started, I wasn’t interested in Qigong at all.  How I got involved was unintentional, and because of that, I also believe it was a blessing from heaven.  I just wanted to do something with my teenage daughter during one summer to keep her away […]

Qigong Exercise 2nd day

So I finally created the 2nd video today! My plan was to post a new video every day but I’m challenged with technology! Taking video was a little bit easier this time but it took 3 days to edit. It was pretty painful and I need a massage! Anyway, I hope this video can help […]

Our debut to Youtube Channel!

All my clients and visitors, I miss you all! I received some text messages and encouragement from my regular clients. It is so good to know that we are not alone. I’ve been thinking of making a Youtube channel since I opened my store. I bought a tripod with lighting and a microphone that fitness […]