Back issue?


I happened to hear the conversation between my friends talking about their friend with a serious back issue and one thing one of them said shocked me.  She confidently stated, “When you have a back issue, you need to have surgery.”  Of course, this statement is out of the context and it doesn’t mean whoever has back issue need to rush to get surgery.  And she is not a doctor.  I think what she meant was when you have a serious back issue, eventually, the solution is the surgery.  I was surprised to realize that she believes that the solution to the back issue is surgery! 

I understand where she is coming from.  If you are pretty much used to use medical services every time you have some physical issues, that’s the natural step you would take, just like you ask the landscapers to mow the lawn and mechanics to fix your car.  But when it comes to the human body, it is not that straight forward. First of all, all the back issues are not the same. The causes can vary and every human is not the same.  

The back problems are often caused by postural issues, immobility, overuse, injuries or combinations of them.  On top of them, different muscles are involved but there are no muscle doctors so when doctors look at your back issue, they mostly ignore the muscles, send you to MRI and tell you that you have herniated disks.  Disk issues are the result and not the cause.  Unless you release your tight shortened muscles or release the vertebral joints that are stuck, and correct your postural issues, your problem won’t go away. 

I can’t fix your disk issue but I can help you find your postural issue, muscle imbalance, and the root cause that is creating the issue.  If you are having some back issues and want to be educated about it, please contact us!  You can come to my office and I can help you! 

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