Back tension? part 1- where to start

Businessman holding his hand to his aching back

So if your back is tight, what can you do to loosen up?  Before I give you the answer, I want to explain what’s going on with your back.

The spine is designed to move – bending forward, backward, side bending and twisting. But most of us don’t move it so much.  Instead, our back is always held static in an upright position, sometimes for an extended period.  As a result, all the joints get stiff and eventually lose mobility and cause pain.  This can happen to people who are active and goes to the gym and take a walk regularly because you see, you don’t make so much movement with your back with many of these activities.

During my massage session, I often sense the back feels very stiff, and the spines are right.  Then I explain to them that their bodies are like vacation homes.   When you go to your vacation home after an extended period, the door squeaks, and the windows won’t even move when you try to open.  So you need to oil the hinges, rock the window back and forth to loosen up.  Your back is the same. You need to start exercising your spine so it can move smoothly.

I have a proven system that I guided my clients to release tension in their backs.  Many of my clients have made quite amazing improvements with this, but the thing is, you need to follow my instructions, and I hope that you try at least 3 weeks to see the result.  There are 3 steps, and the exercises I show here only take 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your schedule. If you are ready to know those 3 steps,  go to the next post.