FAQ: Do you take insurance?

We don’t.  The reason is that we want to focus on our treatment and provide the best services for you.  When we bring in the insurance companies to our practice, they limit our service according to their agenda and regulation, and they often don’t cover our fee well.  Massage therapy is a labor-intensive service with […]

Back issue?

I happened to hear the conversation between my friends talking about their friend with a serious back issue and one thing one of them said shocked me.  She confidently stated, “When you have a back issue, you need to have surgery.”  Of course, this statement is out of the context and it doesn’t mean whoever […]

Welcome to Stony Point Massage blog!

My name is Kimiyo, founder of Stony Point Massage and NY massage therapist. Whatever the reason you came to my website, thank you so much!  I want to share what I learned as a healthcare professional, healer, and mother, and hopefully, some of the things here can be helpful for you, too! Here’s what you […]