Coping with Coronavirus Stress


We’ve been going through a difficult time all together concerning COVID-19 for a while. I’m sure we’ll be talking about it as a story in a few years – “Do you remember we had a scary virus and had to stay home for a month?!!

As a massage therapist in the holistic community, I’m often in the position to criticize doctors and heathcare professionals in the medical field but when it comes to this kind of crisis, I can’t help but appreciate their hard work and pray for them to be strong and take care of sick people. It is truly noble works that they do.

But I know I also have something I can do to contribute to the world. My strength is I can stay calm in crises and be objective. Thanks to my family who helped me develop a thick skin. Hopefully, I can help you feel a little calmer and hopeful.

  1. Do your best and leave the rest up to heaven

This is a Japanese saying and I love it. Find what you can do, focus on it. You can’t control outcome but you can do something that could influence the outcome. The problem with people panicking is, they are not taking care of their emotions and let it run around like mad animals, and they start hoarding stuff like toilet papers which causes unnecessary chaos.

2. Shift your perspective

We are all a little selfish. As long as you are doing what you want to do, it’s fun. But as soon as it comes from someone else, it’s a big problem. In this situation, you can get aggravated because you have to stop working or move your office at home. But have you ever wished you could have more time at home? So your dream has come true! If you can make your mind a little more flexible, you can make fun out of the not-so-fun situation.

Your negative thinking creates negative emotions and negative emotions make stress. Stress makes tension in your body and this negative cycle goes around and around. First of all, we are not alone. We are together to overcome this difficulty. Even if we have to be distancing from others, we can be mindful of others, and being helpful to those in need.

3. If any of the above is not working for you, focus on your body

If none of the things above is helpful for you, I assume, you may be having neck, shoulder, or back tension. By focusing on your physical body, you can be more grounded and release negative emotions and thinking. Please take good care of yourself. Now is the time.

Do some exercise, self-massage, take nice soothing bath, cleaning the house, cook a nice meal, take a walk outside or go to the park.

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