FAQ: Do you take insurance?


We don’t.  The reason is that we want to focus on our treatment and provide the best services for you.  When we bring in the insurance companies to our practice, they limit our service according to their agenda and regulation, and they often don’t cover our fee well.  Massage therapy is a labor-intensive service with a high demand for skills.  We spend a significant amount of time on continuing education and invest in tools and equipment. $45 from the insurance company cannot even cover our expenses unless we take ten clients a day! We suggest that you go to the physical therapists, chiropractors, or take yoga classes if our fee is too much for you. Massage therapy is not the only way to address your issues. But some massage therapists take insurance, so go ahead and search for them, if you choose to do so.  

I want to bring you back to why you want to get a massage.  I see people often get carried away by the idea that they must find a place where they can use insurance and forgot about the very reason why they want to see a massage therapist – you want to get better, right?  

Our commitment is that we spend time to educate you on how you can adjust your lifestyle, and we share our knowledge of how you can release muscle tension and balance your life so you can make improvements quickly and learn to do most of the part by yourself.

Here’s something it could help you financially if you need a break from regular massage sessions.  FSA (health saving account) and HRA (health reimburesment arrangements). If you have one of these accounts, there’s a good chance that you can benefit by using it for your massage sessions. You can research and learn about it but I’ll post about it soon so stay tuned!

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