Our debut to Youtube Channel!


All my clients and visitors,

I miss you all! I received some text messages and encouragement from my regular clients. It is so good to know that we are not alone. I’ve been thinking of making a Youtube channel since I opened my store. I bought a tripod with lighting and a microphone that fitness instructors use, but never had the chance to use them.  

 But you know, change never be easy, whether good or bad, and we tend to sit in our comfort zone. To me, this social-distancing thing came as a blessing in disguise. And this morning, I went to my office and made my first exercise video! Of course, it took me several hours to take a video, edit, and put on youtube and other social media. Now I’m feeling neck and shoulder pain!

Before you start watching this video, read “Before you start your Qigong Exercise…”  

  • Lie on your back. Be calm & peaceful (entire exercise)
  • Breathe naturally
  • Pay attention to your body and the body sensation (feeling)
  1. Open & close your hands & toes – all 12 Qi channels are connected to 12 internal organs. And 12 Qi channels either starts or ends with toes or fingers. Moving toes and fingers are like opening the faucet.
  2. Flex your wrists & ankles – Your wrists & ankles are the two most important joints. When your wrists & ankle joints are opened and relaxed, the qi can reach the fingers and toes smoothly.
  3. Stretch your wrists & ankles
  4. Stretch right wrist & open feet
  5. Stretch left wrist & close feet
  6. Rotate wrists outwards & inwards

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