Qigong Exercise 2nd day

Qigong Healing word cloud - female cupped hands with the word QIGONG between surrounded by a word cloud on a rich dark multicolored background

So I finally created the 2nd video today! My plan was to post a new video every day but I’m challenged with technology! Taking video was a little bit easier this time but it took 3 days to edit. It was pretty painful and I need a massage! Anyway, I hope this video can help you get going with your exercise. I do this exercise every morning because I feel energized and it helps release stiffness. Enjoy!

  1. Shake arms & legs – preparation for next exercise
  2. Walking – loosen up the elbow & knee joints
  3. Lifting higher – loosen up shoulder & hip joints. Shoulders & hips are the two most essential qi junctions that connect the limbs and torso.
  4. Open & close chest & hips – Release chest tension & lower back tension
  5. Open & close chest & hips one side
  6. Twisting torso – swing arms and legs in the opposite direction
  7. Rolling side to side holding knees – loosen up torso and lower back
  8. Rolling side to side holding ankles
  9. Hip joint stretch & rotation
  10. Shake your hip side to side – loosening up your waist
  11. Lift your waist & down – conditioning lower back structure
  12. Rotate your waist – conditioning lower back. adjust the reputation accordingly
  13. Tighten & Loosen hips/ Perineum – conditioning the muscles & tendons between hips and anus. In Chinese Medicine, the perineum is the important acupoint that controls Qi circulation. It acts as the piston of the pump for your main energy center, known as the lower dan tian (energy center).

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