The best medicine for sickness


I know everybody is talking about Coronavirus these days and it’s affecting our life- workplaces, schools, and social life. People are scared of getting sick and stocking up essentials to prepare for the worst. Having a plan, preparing for the worst, and being cautious is all good things we all should do.

It’s not the actions that are problems, but the emotions behind it. When we are reactive, instead of proactive, we overreact, misjudge, and escalate the issues further. I like the Japanese saying – 人事を尽くして天命を待つ. It means ” Do your best and leave the rest to heaven (your destiny).” After all, nobody can own the result. So do what you can do and relax and wait for the result.

How I apply this Japanese saying is that I focus on the action after I choose what to do and not thinking about anything else. That helps you eliminate the negative emotions to take over you. An example is, in our current situation, I choose not to go anywhere except for grocery shopping and some errands. I wash hands thoroughly, I take a bath every day to wash off and relax. I continue to do daily qigong exercises to release tension in my body and energy blockage to have good circulation so my body can resist sickness.

Going back to the topic of the best medicine for sickness, I think it is the peacefulness in your mind. The bottom line to recover from sickness is your body’s resistance. If you can learn to be peaceful in any circumstances, you can keep your immunity up.

If you want to learn how to be peaceful, continue reading my blog.

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