What is the most important thing for healing?

Love Yourself!

I think more people are health conscious now than when I was growing up. People in the 70s didn’t care too much about health. Smoking cigarettes was ubiquitous, and people could smoke wherever they wanted.  Air and water pollution was a big issue as the regulation wasn’t as strict as now.

And yet, there weren’t so many problems with allergies, ADD, ADHD, or learning disabilities back then. I’m not sure if it’s because people in the old days were not paying attention and didn’t notice the problems, or people became hypersensitive with all the physical and mental issues at this age.  Although people’s life expectancy has been extended significantly, their quality hasn’t reached a satisfactory level yet.  I often question myself, ” Do I want to live long even if I need to depend on other people to feed me and bathe me? What about dementia?” Well, we can’t really control what comes into our life, like how we age.

Most important thing for healing is Love.

But we have control over our choice we make every day.  We can choose to be proactive.  Whether you are in good health or have some physical issues, I want you to know that your body should be your best friend.  And you know what?  You’ve got only one.  You don’t have 2nd and 3rd life as video games. If you haven’t been kind to your body – pushing it to the limit to meet your needs while ignoring its condition, not giving what it needs, and giving what you want, then you should apologize and make up with it. Do you think you’ve been BFF to your body or slave master?

Your mind is like a parent, and your body is like a baby. So you need to listen to your mind as if children listen to parents, and you need to take care of your body as if parents take care of their children.

The most important thing for healing is love.  Treat your body as your baby. Sometimes some people seem to be upset at their body because it gives them pain and discomfort.  But remember. The person who made that pain is none other than you.

True healing begins when you say sorry to your body and start focusing on loving and caring for your body as your most beloved one.