When your pain gets out of your hand – try Trigger Point Therapy

Massage tool can help you work on trigger points easily

I want to share some tips for releasing muscle pain and tension. The most important thing for healing is to educate you about your issues. It’s your body, and you must be in charge of your health. Muscle issues are easy to handle. The pain can be released using trigger point therapy; you don’t need painkillers or anti-inflammatory meds.

Treatment of muscles is somewhat tricky because muscles refer pain to other parts of your body, so where you feel pain may not be the source of pain. For example, when you’re feeling a headache, it could be the referral pain from neck muscles.

When trigger points are present, the surrounding area is dense, and you can find a nodule when you pinch or compress the area. How do you know if you are working on the trigger point? Because it usually hurts when you push it. Then you can hold down trigger points until the pain starts to decrease. You can use tools like tennis balls to compress so your fingers don’t have to work. Do this 3-5 times a day until your pain goes away.

As I said, finding Trigger Point is tricky because trigger points refer to pain quite far from it. Trigger points don’t hurt until you compress them, but they send pain somewhere else. You can get more information about Trigger Point to find which trigger points are causing the pain through Google, Amazon, or YouTube and start working on it. Or you can find skilled massage therapists who are trained and knowledgeable. Our skilled therapists help you with this process! Book your appointment today!