Kimiyo Matthews

Kimiyo is one of the rare massage therapists who integrate Western and Eastern massage modalities due to her unique background – she spent half of her life in Japan where acupressure massage is naturally part of daily life and the other half in the USA. She also learned and practiced Orthopedic Massage and trigger point therapy not just as a theory but first-hand experience by going through torn rotator cuff and subsequent frozen shoulder rehabilitation.

Jennifer Daraguarre

Jennifer combines deep tissue massage with trigger point therapy, myofascial therapy, and neuromuscular therapy to release muscle tension. Her practice in clinical massage in a chiropractic office set her apart from other spa massage therapists. She inherited a deep passion for caring for people from her mother, a nurse, and grandmother, who practiced massage. She is studying nursing to help others even more. 

Michael Johnson

Michael studied and graduated from the Finger Lake School of Massage in 2018. He tirelessly worked full-time and helped his clients relieve stress, reduce tension, and recover from injuries. His focused effort and dedication to his work set him apart, with his thorough experience in therapeutic massage.

My Story

I was born and raised in Japan, where massage is weaved into the culture. People give “Anma”, a Japanese style of massage to each other in daily life.  Massage was one of the conventional medical treatments before Western Medicine became mainstream.  Therefore I took intensive training in acupressure and energy work at massage school. 
I believe that blessings come in disguise, and that happened to me when I had a rotator cuff tear injury and had to take one year off to recover.  This happened right after I got my license, and although I was devastated, I learned a lot going through that experience.  I learned first hand what my clients go through, and I honed my skill to treat an actual person with a real issues, and that person was me! 

My work then shifted to Myofascial Trigger Point Release and I can tell you that it works!  After I recovered from my shoulder injury, I treated many clients with trigger point therapy, and they recovered.
As I continue practicing massage therapy, I realized some clients keep coming back with the same issues.  Our physical problems come from an imbalance of our mind, emotion, and lifestyle.  Unless you deal with the cause; the issues keep coming back and you won’t be able to maintain your health.  Because of these experiences I have incorporated Eastern, as well Western techniques into my practice. 
I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to help people. There is something new to learn everyday and my life is full of excitement.

Education And training

  • Graduated from Sun Institute, New Jersey School of Integrative Health in Closter, NJ
  • Licensed massage therapist in New York
  • Professional member of AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association)
  • Certified in Yoga therapy and taught classes at Body & Brain Yoga Center for 2 years
  • Certified health coach