Kimiyo Matthews

Kimiyo is one of the rare massage therapists who integrate Western and Eastern massage modalities due to her unique background – she spent half of her life in Japan where acupressure massage is naturally part of daily life and the other half in the USA. She also learned and practiced Orthopedic Massage and trigger point therapy not just as a theory but first-hand experience by going through torn rotator cuff and subsequent frozen shoulder rehabilitation.

My Story

I injured my shoulder in 2015. It was rotator cuff tear and I went to see massage therapists, orthopedist and chiropractor for several months and none of them helped me. I was asking myself, “Do I need to give up my career now as a massage therapist?” I was devastated and scared. That’s when I came across the book about trigger point therapy. I applied trigger point therapy to myself as I learned and I saw the effect right away! So I went to the massage therapist who does trigger point therapy and I was on the way to fast recovery.

Healing others is my big passion. I just can’t stop learning because I keep meeting with people with different issues. I learned myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, vacuum cupping while I was tackling with my client’s issues. I’m taking more orthopedic massage courses and myoskeletal alignment now. When I experience muscular problems myself, I wish I can get a massage from me!

There are many different types of massage and it is very important to find the right type of massage according to your needs. Especially, if you have orthopedic Issues as I experienced, you definitely need someone who is well trained. I am confident to say that massage therapy is more than just stress relief or relaxation. A well-trained massage therapist can help you regain mobility, give pain relief, release muscle tension, help you correct postural distortion through small adjustments of your lifestyle and simple exercise.

Education And training

  • Graduated from Sun Institute, New Jersey School of Integrative Health in Closter, NJ
  • Licensed massage therapist in New York
  • Professional member of AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association)
  • Certified in Yoga therapy and taught classes at Body & Brain Yoga Center for 2 years
  • Certified health coach