Our Mission Statement

Help our clients restore mind and body harmony by providing therapeutic massage, self-care education, and personal care, and create a healthy community.

Meet Our Staff

Picture of Kimiyo Matthews

Kimiyo Matthews

Kimiyo is a massage therapist who has a unique background. She has lived half of her life in Japan and the other half in the USA. She integrates both Western and Eastern massage techniques in her work because of her diverse background. In Japan, acupressure massage is a natural part of daily life, and she includes this knowledge in her practice.

She has also learned valuable lessons through her own experiences. She went through a torn rotator cuff and subsequent frozen shoulder rehabilitation. She later struggled with sciatic pain for eight years. But, she healed herself with the help of massage therapy and alternative medicine. She is confident she can help you recover from muscle injuries and postural misalignment.

Education: Sun Institute, New Jersey School of Integrative Health

Picture of Desiree Santiago

Desiree Santiago

Desiree became a massage therapist to impact people's lives positively. Growing up with a disabled parent, she experienced different forms of therapy used in the recovery process. However, she realized that the power of a positive and supportive touch was often disregarded, which sparked her to become a massage therapist.

She has gained extensive experience addressing various issues by integrating both Eastern and Western modalities. Massage therapy has transformed her own life, and she has been able to share this transformative power with others.

She strives to connect with her clients on a deeper level to understand their unique needs better and tailor her approach accordingly.

Education: Pacific College of Health and Science

Picture of Carlos Bayerri-Albesa

Carlos Bayerri-Albesa

Carlos Bayerri-Albesa, LMT LAc graduated as a massage therapist and acupuncturist from the Pacific College of Health & Science and has been practicing for over 10 years. He combines both the eastern applications of acupressure, meridian theory and tui na, with the western knowledge of trigger point therapy and myofascial release. Having applied these learnings to healing his own ailments over the years he is passionate about doing the same for family, friends and clients. He enjoys practicing Taiichi, riding motorcycles and being outdoors in the Hudson Valley!

Picture of Jenny Seigel

Jenny Seigel

Jenny is passionate and dedicated to bringing wellness to you. She is trained in various massage techniques, including Trigger Point Therapy, Medical Massage, and Sports Massage. She is studying acupuncture and Chinese medicine at the Pacific College of Health and Science. She loves taking care of the horses living on the farm. Her serene energy brings deep healing to you.

My Story

I was born and raised in Japan, where massage is weaved into the culture. People give “Anma”, a Japanese style of massage to each other in daily life.  Massage was one of the conventional medical treatments before Western Medicine became mainstream.  Therefore I took intensive training in acupressure and energy work at massage school. 
I believe that blessings come in disguise, and that happened to me when I had a rotator cuff tear injury and had to take one year off to recover.  This happened right after I got my license, and although I was devastated, I learned a lot going through that experience.  I learned first hand what my clients go through, and I honed my skill to treat an actual person with a real issues, and that person was me! 

My work then shifted to Myofascial Trigger Point Release and I can tell you that it works!  After I recovered from my shoulder injury, I treated many clients with trigger point therapy, and they recovered.
As I continue practicing massage therapy, I realized some clients keep coming back with the same issues.  Our physical problems come from an imbalance of our mind, emotion, and lifestyle.  Unless you deal with the cause; the issues keep coming back and you won’t be able to maintain your health.  Because of these experiences I have incorporated Eastern, as well Western techniques into my practice. 
I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to help people. There is something new to learn everyday and my life is full of excitement.