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5 Tips for Frozen Shoulder

There are different muscles that may be causing your shoulder. But when your shoulder gets to the point where you can’t move your shoulder, experiencing

Epsom Salt Bath

Back tension? Part 2 -Bathing

When I see my clients for the first time, I suggest they do this at home even before I start my massage session.  I tell

The Best Massage Tools

For muscle tension, massage tools work great. When I went through rotator cuff tear injury in 2015, I used a massage tool intensely. I started

Open Chest Exercise for your Lungs & Heart

Different environments outside of our body make us sick – change of seasons, pollens, dryness, dampness, temperature, and stuff like viruses. We often try to

No-sew Mask

Before I knew it, all the masks are gone from the stores, just like toilet papers and hand sanitizers. I should ask my mother in

Self-massage for your back tension

While staying home due to the COVID-19 outbreak, you may start to feel back tension from stress, lack of social interaction & exercise, etc. So,