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Our debut to Youtube Channel!

Hi all my clients and visitors, I miss you all! I received some text messages and encouragement from my regular clients. It is so good

Healing begins from your mind

Since you are reading my blog, I’m assuming you have some issues with your health. And I really appreciate your patience to read through. Today

Coping with Coronavirus Stress

We’ve been going through a difficult time all together concerning COVID-19 for a while. I’m sure we’ll be talking about it as a story in

Rotator Cuff Tear

I often talk about my recovery experience with rotator cuff tear to my clients because it was quite a journey and I believe it helps

The best medicine for sickness

I know everybody is talking about Coronavirus these days and it’s affecting our life- workplaces, schools, and social life. People are scared of getting sick

FAQ: Do you take insurance?

We don’t.  The reason is that we want to focus on our treatment and provide the best services for you.  When we bring in the

Back issue?

I happened to hear the conversation between my friends talking about their friend with a serious back issue and one thing one of them said

Those who spend all day sitting….

Are you experiencing lower back, upper back, or neck & shoulder pain?  Then you are in the same situation as most of my clients.  You

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My name is Kimiyo, founder of Stony Point Massage and NY massage therapist. Whatever the reason you came to my website, thank you so much!