The Best Massage Tools

Massage tools

For muscle tension, massage tools work great. When I went through rotator cuff tear injury in 2015, I used a massage tool intensely. I started with a tennis ball, and it led to the creation of Therapillar.

I had sleepless nights for a month when it was in the worst time, and the Therapillar helped me release trigger points that were causing pain and restriction. I hope these massage tools will help you, too!

  • Therapillar: Back, triceps, gluteus muscles, hamstrings, and calves
  • Thera Cane: Mainly for upper shoulder, but there are many applications according to their manual
  • Silicone Cupping Set: Front of the body – upper shoulders, chest muscles, front side, and lateral side of arm, front & lateral thigh muscles, shin muscle, calves. If you can get help from someone, can be anywhere
  • Original Knobble: For compression over any places. Save your thumbs & fingers.
  • Thai Massage Tool: The one on this video is for hand muscle tension, and the other one is for face
  • Sombra: natural pain relief cream. Good for muscle & joint pain
  • Kwan Loon Oil: natural pain relief oil. Good for muscle & joint pain
  • R8 by Roll Recovery: Powerful massage tool for thigh muscle tension
  • Roleo Arm Massager: Forearm & wrist