Healing begins from your mind


Since you are reading my blog, I’m assuming you have some issues with your health. And I really appreciate your patience to read through. Today I want to talk about the importance of your mind and heart for your healing journey.

You may be getting some help from a doctor, massage therapist, or other healthcare professionals but I want to point out how powerful your mind and emotions are. If you think restoring your health is the doctor’s job, the process may take longer because you are not taking ownership of your own body. Leaving your own issue up to somebody else creates more room for uncertainty and that could give you negative emotions like anxiety, worries, agony, and anger. These negative emotions make your body tense and that can disturb your circulation, digestion, immunity, body temperature, and even your mood. And your health keeps going down.

Your love and care will heal your body

In this information age, we can tap into all sorts of information with one click. Knowledge is power and you have all the right to know about your own body. Knowledge also gives you the opportunity to make an educated decision. After researching your physical issue and making choices about what doctors or specialists you go to, you need to take care of your emotions. Instead of being worried and anxious, or sometimes opposite of it – not caring about the situation, there are two important things to do.

Your body is like your baby. If you take good care of your baby, he will be happy and healthy, right? Why is your baby sick? Because you haven’t taken good care of her. You need to apologize to your baby (your body) for not taking care of her well for a long time. You really need to feel sorry and you need to make up your mind to love and care for your body. So instead of worrying about your health- if you can get better or not, apologize to your body and use your energy and time to love and care for your body. Your love and care will heal your body. That’s the turning point.

Taking good care of yourself is not selfish. If you take care of yourself well, you can take care of others well.

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