Our loyalty program to award our regular customers


I used to switch back and force between different utility companies because after the introductory period was over, the price kept going up.  Even if I stick with them for several years, there’s no benefit to continuing their services. Most companies are so eager to get new customers, but there’s no effort to keep regular customers happy. It is sad.

So from the beginning of my business, I wanted to show our appreciation for regular customers.  I see many massage therapists are charging a lot, and I understand that because massage therapy is labor-intensive and takes excellent skills for therapeutic massage. My desire for the loyalty program is so more people can use my services comfortably, and they can come more frequently to improve their health. Our membership is not to get new customers with discounts but to award our regular customers and further help them. After all, regular customers are the backbone of our business. We see our relationship with you as long term so that we won’t trick you into anything. If you have silver membership but happened to come more than 12 times, you can upgrade to gold membership. And if you have gold membership but didn’t reach 12 times, we’d adjust you to silver membership for next year.

VIP Membership

After you fulfilled twelve one hour sessions, you are eligible to become a VIP member. These discounts cannot be combined with other discounts or offers.

VIP Gold Membership Discount:  You will get $10 off 60-min session and $15 off 90-min session as long as you have 12 sessions a year.

VIP Silver Membership Discount: If you can’t come 12 times a year, you can get $5 off 60-min session, and $10 off 90-min session as long as you have 6 sessions a year.

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