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My name is Kimiyo, founder of Stony Point Massage and NY massage therapist. Whatever the reason you came to my website, thank you so much!  I want to share what I learned as a healthcare professional, healer, and mother, and hopefully, some of the things here can be helpful for you, too!

Here’s what you get:

  • Tips about mental health – your thought influences emotions and emotions often creates physical tension, so it is the beginning of your illnesses.  There’s a Japanese saying, “sickness starts with your mind,” And I believe healing starts with the mind, too.
  • Tips about emotional health – Emotions cause physical pain. Being honest with yourself and acknowledging your emotions is the beginning point of true healing
  • Advice about physical health – exercise, self-massage, building new habits, and more.  We need to allow ourselves to be in charge of our health.
  • Information about our business – our business philosophy, services, news, and others.

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